Would you like to increase your knowledge of the latest trauma-informed treatments and interventions? 

What if you could learn these interventions from a variety of seasoned therapists, thought leaders and game-changers in the trauma field? 

What if you could learn at your own pace, and on your own time?

Would you like to gain more confidence and learn to cultivate presence and authenticity in your work with trauma clients?

Enter Trauma Therapist 2.0

What is Trauma Therapist 2.0?

Trauma Therapist 2.0 is the online video resource specifically geared to helping beginning therapists of all types learn the latest trauma-informed treatments from seasoned professionals, thought leaders and game-changers in the field.
Trauma Therapist 2.0 consists of 3 components:

1) The Video Interviews
2) The Private Facebook group
3) How-To Skills Videos

The video interviews: These are 45-minute video interviews of seasoned trauma therapists, thought leaders and game-changers in the field of trauma leading you through step-by-step how they work with trauma clients, and which you can access 24/7.

The private Facebook group: Upon enrolling in Trauma Therapist 2.0 you will have immediate access to the private Facebook group which consists of other passionate and like-minded trauma workers who are eager to increase their trauma-informed education and who are also ready to help support you along your journey. 

How-To Skills videos: These are 4-5 minute videos in which I break down in step-by-step fashion how to utilize and implement crucial and necessary skills for new trauma therapists.

A Few Of Our Amazing Trauma Educators

Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD

Topic: "Surviving to Thriving: healing & empowerment." Thema is phenomenal. If you've heard her on the podcast then you know what I mean. Thema draws from a variety of influences in the treatment she delivers, and her ability to articulate her knowledge and passion goes beyond inspiring.

Beck Gee-Cohen, MA, LADC

Topic: "Creating Safe Space for Transgender Clients." Beck is one of the leading national speakers on the topic of transgender and addiction issues. Beck breaks down both what it's like to go through the process of tranisitioining, as well as step by step insights on how we, as therapists, can develop our awareness of assessment and intervention with this population. 

Christine Forner, MSW

Topic: "Dissociation and mindfulness: The battle of awareness after trauma." One of the elements I look for in an interview guest is passion, along with an ability to transmit that pssion. Enter Christine Forner. Christine shares with us, using easily digestible language, what Dissociation means, and what it means within the context of trauma. If you're a therapist eager to learn about trauma then you need to listen to this.

Annita B. Jones, PsyD 

Topic: "Treating PTSD in DID patients." Annita B. Jones is one of those people you listen to and then say to yourself, I want her as my own therapist! She's that good. Here she treats us to her decades of experience on the topic of treating ptsd in clients with dissociation. If you're serious about working in this field then you will encounter such clients. You could not get a better intro into the topic than this. Enjoy.

Who Should Enroll in Trauma Therapist 2.0?
You might be a new therapist who is passionate and eager to learn about trauma-informed treatment yet don't know where to start. (I was there!)

Perhaps you're already a therapist with some experience who is eager and ready to begin developing your trauma-informed knowledge and skills.

Maybe you're a psychology student but haven't yet found the trauma-informed information you're looking for.

Or perhaps you're a yoga teacher eager to inform your own practice and curious to learn how trauma impacts the body.

Whatever your status or level of knowledge, Trauma Therapist 2.0 is designed to help you expand your trauma-informed knowledge, get you inspired, connect you with other similarly-minded, passionate individuals, and help you begin working with trauma clients.

Why You Should Enroll Now
You will learn from seasoned professionals
You will learn from instructors, educators and professionals who represent a variety of backgrounds and modalities. This affords you two things: 1) it broadens and expands your trauma education, which is crucial, and 2) it allows you to get a better idea of where you might want to dig deeper and enrich your trauma education even further.

Increase your confidence to begin working with trauma clients.
I'm guessing if you're reading this, you're most likely pretty passionate about working with and helping individuals who have been traumatized, but might not yet have the skills or confidence to actually do the work. I was in this exact spot about 7 years ago.

This program will introduce you to professionals in the trauma field who will provide you with detailed and step-by-step information on how to work with trauma clients. This is the program I wished I'd had when I began.

Be a part of a community of passionate and supportive trauma workers. This work is challenging, there's no denying it. By enrolling in Trauma Therapist 2.0 you will have immediate access to a private Facebook group of others who are just as motivated as yourself to advance their trauma skills. Community and inspiration!

Get inspired! I know for myself that I do better work when I'm inspired. The instructors I invite to Trauma Therapist 2.0 are inspiring, plain and simple. Allow yourself to be inspired by these incredible educators and see your own work take off.

Supercharge your confidence. We learn from listening to others who have taken the same journey we're about to take. We learn from listening to others share their stories and mistakes, and then hear how they've lifted themselves back up. Spending time with such people raises our own confidence and allows us to realize that we can do this, too. This was the exact place I was in when I first began my trauma-informed journey. Enroll in Trauma Therapist 2.0 and watch your confidence soar. 

               What People Are Saying

Guy Macpherson, PhD has made an important contribution to the profession for education, resources, and community for trauma-focused therapists, new and experienced. Had I not found out about his podcasts at West Coast Trauma Project and membership inTrauma Therapist Elite, it would have taken me much longer to find out how to progress in this important clinical focus. Everything about both is inspiring and educational.  
— M.S.

So, so, so grateful for the work you are doing! Thank you!

Thank you for reaching out and interviewing this practitioner on your amazing site.
Mary Singh.

Guy, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Thank you Guy. Those podcast are so well done. All those Trauma therapist are so amazing to listen to. Their story, their humility, I am completely addicted.

Our Amazing Trauma Therapists, Thought-leaders and Game-Changers:

Lisa Ferentz, LCSW:  A Strengths-Based Approach to Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMTExtensive and Integrative Health Services with Injured Warriors and Families  

Annita B. Jones, PsyD: Treating PTSD in DID Patients

Christine Forner, BA, BSW, MSW, Registered Social Worker: Dissociation and Mindfullness: The Battle for Awareness After Trauma 

Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD: Surviving to Thriving

Beck Gee-Cohen, MA, LADC
: Creating Safe Spaces for Transgender Cleints

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD: Trauma and Health

Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW: Holistic Interventions in PTSD

Plus 8 How-To videos on Crucial Skills for new trauma therapists by Guy Macpherson, PhD


What's the investment?

Trauma Therapist 2.0 is priced to be affordable at $37 per month, or $317 per year.

What's included in Trauma Therapist 2.0?

Trauma Therapist 2.0 is comprised of two components: 1) The video interviews of seasoned trauma therapists, thought leaders and game-changers, which you can view at your own pace and on your own time, and 2) The private Facebook group accessable only to Trauma Therapist 2.0 members.  

Do you offer refunds if it's not for me?

Yes. No problem. The membership is month to month which means that if you enroll and then discover it's not for you, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

How often can I watch the videos?

Once you enroll in Trauma Therapist 2.0 you will have access to all the online videos which you can watch when you want and how often you want.

How many videos are there and how often are they posted?

At the present time there are 16 instructional videos in the library. Nine of those are interviews I've done with guests on topics such as Dissociation and traumaEcopsychology; Surviving to Thriving, and Treating PTSD in DID clients. There are also 9 shorter videos which I, myself, have recorded on topics ranging from Grounding, Using the Window of Tolerance, and Exploring Your Why. New videos are added as they become available.