How do you cultivate authenticity?

What does it take to sit with someone who’s been impacted by trauma? 

How do you develop the compassion, calm and composure to maintain your presence when someone is sharing the horrors they’ve experienced? 

How do you go about beginning this training? 

Where do you start?

This free 6-part email series is a distillation of the empowering and inspiring suggestions from the 200+ guests I've had on The Trauma Therapist | Podcast on this subject of what it means to be an authentic trauma worker. 

This is a guide for those starting out on their journey.

For a lot of us, the process of doing this work is the process of finding our way back to ourselves, in a sense.

What does it mean to cultivate authenticity?

It means being genuine with our clients. 
It means being real
It means dropping our agenda. 
It means leaving our suitcase of great ideas and plans and blueprints of the amazing interventions we believe would be perfect for our clients, outside the door. 
It means being willing to take a look at who we are--the sticky bits, the amazing parts, the parts that maybe we'd rather not look at right now.

This is challening work.

Ready to take the first step?