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iNNER-WORK ebook

 cultivating authenticity, presence & compassion
for new trauma therapists

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The Trauma Therapist Project
helping trauma therapists thrive

What does it take to sit with someone who’s been impacted by trauma? 

How do you develop the compassion, calm and composure to maintain your presence when someone is sharing the horrors they’ve experienced? 

How do you go about beginning this training? 

Where do you start?

This ebook is a distillation of the illuminating wisdom and experience from the 200+ guests I've had on The Trauma Therapist | Podcast.

In this 40-page ebook I walk you through the beginning steps of what it takes to cultivate the compassion, presence and authenticity necessary to sit with and treat people who've been impacted by trauma. 

Thanks for expressing interest in this ebook!

I hope you enjoy it.


antonio rillera

Guy Macpherson, PhD

Founder, The Trauma Therapist Project & Host of The Trauma Therapist | Podcast

this 40-page ebook comes as a pdf download
cost: $9.97

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